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Transmission re-install problems

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Hello Everyone,

I just re-installed my 4 speed manual transmission after changing the flywheel. After all that fun I re-installed the shift linkage and shift lever, as I tried to shift into gears just to test it out I couldnt get it into any gear. I crawled back under the car.. the linkage is correctly done. I am clueless as to why i cant get into any gear and now I fear something inside the transmission moved or got damaged during the drop/install, Im not sure if that is possible but Im running out of ideas... My questions are...

1. Why cant I get the transmission into gear?
2. Could I have damaged it somehow while out of the car?
3. Can it have something to do with the driveshaft?

Im clueless not to mention frustrated ... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance
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When I had issues like that I would take a crescent wrench and adjust it so I could move the shift plates on the trans. Check there. Is something binding your shifter?
did the trans.slide back in or did you pull it in with the trans.bolts,if you pulled it in with the bolts you could have damaged the clutch,did you use a pilot bearing alignment tool when you installed clutch and pressure plate?
did you check you clutch cable or hydrolic resevoir? whichever you have? you may not be able to get in gear if its not making good contact...
sorry i ment hydrolic clutch and check the slave cylinder if you have one
The trans slid in on it's own did not force it with the bolts, I did use an alignment tool on the clutch and the clutch linkage is working properly ... The problem is with the trans. Itself if I go under and remove the linkage from the tranny bolts and try to use a wrench to move it in and out of gear it doesn't work anymore.. But when I had it out I was able to to move all 3 bolts into gear.. I don't know why it would not work anymore :-/ thanks for your reply's by the way!
Hmm. You don't have it in two gears at once do you? How did your shifter alignment go?
The alignment went well put the pin in the hole and adjusted as needed... I it possible to have it in two gears??
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