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Transmission re-install problems

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Hello Everyone,

I just re-installed my 4 speed manual tranny after dropping it to change out the flywheel and I am having major problems! First thing after I installed it complete with the linkage I tested it to see if everything was ok... but I could not get into any gears! I looked under the car to see if there were problems with the linkage but found none. I removed the rods to try and manually change the gears by turnig the bolts on the side of the transmission. Only one of the three will turn back and foward the other two are stuck. I had tested the transmission when it was out of the car and it shifted perfectly. I decided to turn on the engine to see if I notcied anything wrong... what I noticed was that it was idiling at high rpm's and also seemed as if it was slowly idling faster and faster the longer i left it on. Second thing I noticed was when I pressed the clutch in, it killed the engine right away, that happened everytime.

1. Can the tranny be internally damged when its out of the car?
2. Why cant I shift?
3. Why is the car idling so fast.
4. Why is the clutch killing the engine?

These are the questions that are keeping me up at night!! This was the first time I ever droped the tranny and ever messed with the flywheel and clutch. I followed a bunch of repair manuals specific to my engine but I am a amature so there is a possibility I screwed something up?

I need some serious help here :-(

Thank you all for your time!
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hmm... yea, you're screwed
You didn't say if you had a toploader, you couldn't have damaged it out of the car. With the engine off, see if you can shift to all the gears. Only one lever can move at a time, when it hits neutral, then a different lever can be moved, all levers must be in neutral to begin checking. On toploaders there is a 1/4" hole that lines up for all the levers. Since you have changed the flywheel, you need to check the free play on the clutch pedal 3/4"-1 1/4" this is easiest felt using your hand and moving the clutch pedal. If you mean letting out the clutch the engine dies, the trans is locked, get all the levers to neutral. Check for a vacuum hose off, for the fast idling problem. Post your results. Good Luck.

Went back under and took the rods off, got some pliers and was able to get the gears unstuck by moving them around ... I re installed the rods added some washers and now is shifting.... Still having problems with t he idle though .. :-(

Thanks for your help! truly appreciate it.
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