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I recently purchased a 1990 2.3 with a bad A4LD. After extensive searching, I found a trans out of a driving 91 lx. After dishing out the $$$ and bolting it in, I discovered the incompatibility with the later trans having an electronic OD and lockup vs the older hydraulic OD and electronic lockup. (I forgot to mention I had to buy the motor too just to get the automatic.
So, now on to plan C. Converting to manual transmission.
Parts I have so far:
2.3 bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, pedal assembly (minus quadrant ), and that's it so far.

Things I need to know: driveshaft length. I figure they're not the same but will a V8 drive shaft work? Will a V8 T-5 bolt in with the 2.3bellhousing?
I'm eventually going with a V8 so I'm trying to ease that way.
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