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Transmissions In A 91 Lx 5.0

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My Friend Has Got A 5.0 HO Motor, He Just Told Me Today. So I Was Thinking About Buying It, But He Said Hes Got An Automatic Transmission But I Think Its An AODE. So I Was Wondering What All Kinds Of Transmission Would Work In A 1991 Mustang Lx 5.0 Without Having To Do Modifications. Any All Help Is Greatly Appreciated, Thanks :winks
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if its a 91 it should just be an aod. a C4 will work as well as 4R70W internals
AOD-E uses the computer and is usually compatible with the 94-95 Mustang. The Fox body's use the AOD.

Maybe its a good time to change over to a T5 ???
switch to manual with a tremec trans
Thanks For The Help

Thanks For The Help. Im Trying To Put Everything Back To Stock. Im Buying The Motor From My Friend & Hes Got A C4 Trans That He Found. My Car Has No Fuel Injection Wiring Harness Or Computer, So How Hard Would It Be To Change The Fuel Injection Motor To Carborated? Thanks Again
you need the corresponding intakes, a fuel pump, a sender, and a new timing cover. (the FI cover has no provision for the carb fuel pump. you may need a cam, distrubutor, and possibly a different fuel tank. but not sure on those last few
I put 10W30 Motorcraft Synthetic Blend (Autozone) into my LX. I'll probably run it for like 500 miles and go with a Royal Purple Full Synthetic.

The guy at Autozone that since synthetic is already way better than regular motor oil that I didn't need to get 10W40 synthetic as it wold be recommended with regular motor oil for 100K+ miles engine
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