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transmisson whine?

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I took my car to the track last weekend and made about 7 passes and everything went good. but on my way home on the highway i get this hollowing/whine at about 50mph that i didnt have on the way down. but as soon as i get off the gas it stops so it cant be my rear end or tires. i wanted to know if anyone knows whats causeing it.
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What tranny? I would have to say it could possibly be the rearend I would check fluids in both and start there check for obvious things under the car also.
the transmission itself is the only thing that makes sensee to me i guess i just wanna know if its just a noise or something that should get fixed
go do 50 mph again and dump the clutch or put it in neutral. if there is no noise at that point I would start looking into the rearend. Howling noise can be bearings in the rear.
yeah when i do that it makes no noise only when its in gear at 50mph+ and only when im on the gas soon as i let off it goes away
I stated my previous post wrong. If there is still noise after you put your tranny in neutral I would look into the rearend. It still might be the rearend. You can shim a rearend to where it makes noise on deceleration if you shim one way, you can make it where it has noise on acceleration, or a little of both. That's what the guy told me at the shop. But he had replaced my bearings, and carrier group and the noise was WAY WAY WAY better than before. I asked him how come all the noise isn't gone and he said it's possible that the actual housing is slightly bent/warped. The noise I had was also pronounced due to the race style LCA's I had. I have since went with a polybushing type and barely hear anything. So if your car was fine before the dragsrtip and now it's not, I would still likely point the finger in the direction of the rearend. Rearends aren't for the novice, or even intermediate. You need to take it to a transmission specialist. Someone who does rearend work/transmission work ALL the time. Several dealerships use the transmission shop I do because it's better. I personally,would definately have my suspisions on the rearend though. Especially with a howling noise.
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