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TriAx question

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hey everyone, i just got my TriAx in today(woot) planning on installing it later this week, but before i do that, i wanted to know if theres anything that i should be aware of when im actually putting it in. I dont want to f up my transmission in any
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its pretty simple, once you pop knob off and pull the cover off disconnect the cig lighter... then when you undo all the screws pull the old shifter off. put some sort of cloth or something to keep the crap out of tranny, while you clean the part where you will put on the RTV gasketsealer/maker on and then slap your new one on and reverse the deal. You will love the new feel but be prepared to drive your car like crap until you get used to it. everyone says AH ill be fine... then they come back... lol man i have missed a few gears but now i am ok.

good luck and let us know

p.s. also make sure the screws on the new shifter base are adjusted too.
Tranny lube

While you're at it add some Amsoil synthetic tranny oil (drain out the old stuff). You'll be glad you did when shifting in and out of second gear.

Just follow the instructions and you will do just fine.
yeah.. i think ill be installing it this weekend.. im not sure how to change out the tranny fluid, im real inexperienced when it comes to cars, but thanks for all the advice guys, ill post an update later on to tell everyone how it went
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