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Hey everyone, wanting to see if someone can trouble shoot this with my 2007 v6. Going about 75 mph, stomped gas down and quickly let off. CEL came on. Got home and ran the codes. Said running lean. Disconnected the battery, then let it sit and reconnected. Turned it on, no codes. Car sat for about 2 hours. Decided to try and drive it. RPMs won't go above 4k when driving. Car is super "loose", speedometer is barely climbing up even though I'm clearly going fast. I can smell some richness, and I may be paranoid, but hear a clicking in the valve covers. I'm sure it's been there before, but like I said, paranoid. I'm not sure what to think. Not throwing codes. Fuses are fine. MAF looks good. I'm also not running any tunes. Idling about 750. No surges. Does bog down a bit on start up, but idles fine. Any ideas? Vacuum leak maybe?
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I believe it was P0171/P0174. FuEl filter changed in April. Plugs last year in October. Car runs and it doesn't smell rich or anything, but when driving my speedometer barely climbs and then slowly goes down when applying the break. I knew I hit about 40 mph and the speedo was around 30 mph and then slowly dropped down when I stopped.
Also not throwing any codes. MAF sensor was cleaned and all fuses were fine
From reading other posts and things, I'm starting to think that it's just my speedometer. Maybe it shorted out?
So here's the the update. Car is perfectly fine lol. Somehow everything is acting normal.
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