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True Dual Exhaust vs H pipe

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I recently installed a pair of new GT take-off mufflers and a left side GT midpipe, with a pair of custom bent stainless adaptor pipes, behind the factory catalytic converters.

When starting up cold it has a nice low, throaty idle sound which I'm really happy with, but when it warms up the sound disappears at idle.

When driving it sounds OK. It's not too loud inside the car. Of course it sounds nothing like a V8 would sound. I would say the sound most closely resembles that of a 140 hp 1965 Corvair with dual exhausts.

I don't notice any decrease or increase in performance.

Can anyone comment as to whether adding an H pipe would have any significant positive impact upon the sound? I have searched the earlier threads and have not noticed this specific question being asked. Any comments would be appreciated.

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I forgot to mention that my car is a 2007 V6 Pony with manual transmission and 5000 miles on it.
Hi Rollly,

Nice comparison to the 65 Vair...

Had 3 Vairs back in the day, a '67 110 with duals, a '66 140 and a '65 Corsa w/Turbo...

The 110 with duals is pretty similar except that the volume on the 4.0 V6 is MUCH deeper. The Vair kinda "buzzed" vs the rumble or roar of the 4.0

I've heard tons of people say an H pipe makes a huge difference, but since I've never actually heard any clips from anyone who has one, I highly doubt it.

I have an X, but since the V6 is "even firing", divorced duals should be fine.

You won't notice a HP increase normally aspirated, but the throttle response is better.

And well, you know about how it sounds over stock.

I run Pypes Street Pros, and yes, they have drone, just like the Vair's duals... but it is the noise we are looking for...

Check out my vids...

You can always swap them out for something louder.

My Street Pros are 97dB at cold idle, my Vair was 94dB...

I wonder why I have a hearing problem...
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I had true duals with flowmaster on my v6 when I had it and it was great.
i, too, have true duals with an h pipe. heres a link to see what it sounds like

YouTube - 2006 mustang v6 custom true dual exhaust flowmasters
That has a nice rumble to it! Now go get some fatter tires! :)
I had true duel without a hpipe for a few was quite and raspy.....I got an H pipe installed and new VR racing mufflers and it sounds a ton better.....some say even better then a good v8 exhaust...i get compliments on my exhaust all the time...definately get the h pipe put me you will notice the difference
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i use to have straight duals, then last week i went ahead an went with X pipe, man I regret not doing it much earlier, Ill post a video when I get a change..
Cars all always louder on cold starts, when i start mine up in the garage it rattles everything inside the house. If i were you id look into an x pipe, seems to have a louder tone and flows just a lil better than an h, but either way you should notice a difference with this.
That has a nice rumble to it! Now go get some fatter tires! :)

what kind of tires would you recommend? lol i dont really no that much about tires, but i am thinking of getting some black chrome fr500 rims
ive also heard that an x pipe can create back pressure which results in hp loss? correct me if im wrong, thats jus what ive heard from local muffler shops
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