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Trying to get Deposit back from Ford!!!

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Well I ordered a stang Gt from a ford dealer on 06/29/05 at X-Plan pricing....
Well i waited till early Sept and still C/U at the fords 800#
Dealer got a GT in and as I was told in June I would get the first Stang gt that comes in because I was the only one that have ordered one at that time....
Called the dealer and he told me that he had the allocations and I should have my Stang Gt in Sept,,,,still at C/U when I call tuesday.

But called another dealer 2 weeks ago that had a 2006 silver Stang Gt on their LOT,,,,and they gave me the car for INVOICE...A great deal I would think....

I called the dealer where I had ordered from and told them I wanted to Cancal..They said ok and had no problems with it.I waited a week and no credit on my Credit card.So I called them last week and still no Credit on my card....

Today I called Ford Customer Dept up and told them about my problem and that the stang Gt is still at C/U......But I still bought a stang at another dealer but having problem getting a refund......

Customer service told me to hold on for 2 mins...She called the dealer that I ordered from and they told her that they will send me a check on Thursday,They only do these things on thursdays lol.

I thanked her and told her if it was not for her phone call to the dealer that i might have a problems and she agreed with me.....

I still feel that most dealers are the same way,you give them your money and if they cannot get you the car its like pulling a tooth to get your money back...JohnnyT
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Call the CC people and put it in dispute till you get this ironed out. Also keep a record of all attempts and conversations w/time and peoples names.

Decided against the GTO?
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