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Tunable Induction CAI

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Check out the new comparison article with the C&L system on my site. Entry page as you scroll down a little. The article is on Stangnet.
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JP DeMolet said:
Check out the new comparison article with the C&L system on my site. Entry page as you scroll down a little. The article is on Stangnet.
JP, I cannot get your site to work... I tried before at home with no luck, now the same at work with my laptop... It loads the top part of the page and I can see it continues down but no scrolling is posible as the browser don't load the section below the initial (top) browser screen...
JP DeMolet said:
Check out the new comparison article with the C&L system on my site. Entry page as you scroll down a little. The article is on Stangnet.
I was able to scroll but did not see either the comparison article with C&L nor a price for the 05-06 stang. PM me with price, etc.
The article link is on the entry page as you scroll down just below "Our system picked...." headline. There haven't been any site problems.

I now have the new SCT 'Live Load' tunes which will accomodate exhaust mods up to a full header system. We've tested the exhaust mod tune on a local GT install and it works GREAT!

NOTE: the complete system w/shield weighs just UNDER 5 lbs. with the heat conduction benefit also compared to the metal systems.

-03 Cobra Shootout (highest hp/tq. stock) + Testers Choice
-UTI (Hot Rod Tech) Shootout (highest hp/tq. stock) + Testers Choice
-Murillo Motorsport comparison (highest hp,tq. modified) + Testers Choice
-05' GT Shootout (+24.4 hp, prototype) + Testers choice
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One price correction: Xcal2 alone : $379. Just checked the dealer lowest price allowed.

Do you have an inhouse SCT professional tuner?

I allways tell the guys on here to get their tuner from a reputable tuning shop for future assistance on custome tunes... A stock tune and a CAi tune won't do it. A canned exhaust tune is not ultimate either...

Cars are driven in different climates, with different mods and should be custome tuned! Yes, even stock ones!

PS. Had to delets some 'ad' stuff outa your post, sorry! Am hoping to have a place for you (buisnesses) to post soon!
No problem on the deletions as I was wondering about posting those.

I've hired an inhouse computer expert to handle all the tuning aspects as I learn them. My skills are the design/fabrication.

I have 3 dyno equipped shops that will be doing custom tunes:

-Performance Auto Sport, who has tested our systems since 02'. also an outlet. A Saleen specialist which will help with the blower tunes.
-Murillo Motorsport, also an outlet, who specializes in the race applications.
-And Modular Depot, also now an outlet, who did all the testing for the 05' GT shootout and selected the system to keep.

I have a commercial manufacturing facility and haven't needed the previous systems tuned and do not have a dyno. My 96-04 metered systems have been flow-bench calibrated by Pro-M and now Pro Mass Air at their facilities.

The SCT tunes have been deemed on the safer side of the A/F ratio and there is more gains going leaner. One of superchips tuners called me a few weeks ago to relate that the system "Isn't a dyno queen" and was more impressed by how well the 95 meter transfer functions were. He related that they attained +21 @ 12.0:1 A/F and that +28 was attainable going leaner.

For any really involved tuning questions I can also have Ed, my inhouse guy answer any questions so I don't relate any incorrect info.

SCT tunes were of course done on their dyno and are for the auto, manual 87 & 93 octane fuel.

I did have SCT test the prototype closed end filter against the dual-cone and there are a couple more hp with the dual-cone.

All the testing results coming out now are with the production system.

The main aspect of choosing one of these systems is that the gains are going to varry anyway so go with the system that elicits the best MAF criteria while maintaining the coolest intake charge and the absolute best quality.

It's mandatory that the TB pipe does not touch the radiator hose and the system incorporates a 'full surround' shield.


-Suspended 1" above radiator hose with a full Polycarbonate Shield
-Polycarbonate heat wedge on bottom of TB pipe
-2 layers of REAL carbon fiber above wedge
-3M coating on entire TB pipe between CF & ABS
-1/4" thick ABS plastic center tube, hand waxed, Eagle one nano wax.

The TB pipe will not age or warp and provide the best insulation.
The Polycarbonate shield will never age or warp and insulate to a much higher temp than ABS or PVC. The shield has top and bottom edge moldings along with a rubber meter hole molding. It will seal against the hood blanket to square off this corner while allowing plenty of airflow around the filter.
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PS....You have a very nice forum and thank you for allowing me to post.

If your'e going with the Saleen Blower I'll also have some install/testing results forthcoming from Jannety Racing.

Let me know when you can do vendor advertising.
JP, if you are a design/ fab expert, pls give us a headlight bucket with no plastic over the light and painted in our body color. IE; redfire bucket with the OE light re-sealed in plastic or, even an alternative light headlamp.

Now then, I will preorder that from you.

You don't like the cover over the light? I like it.

What about, no cover, but a 'rectangular' recessed light, projector beam style with the surround bezel in the body color?

It's all good, we like having you here! Just don't post "sales" or keep on throwing in your website link and we'll be fine!

Ken at MD is a friend of mine so I 'know' you and what you can do... :winks

You have a good system! And what does the Saleen (upgrade, I guess) intale? I'm installing a Vortech system...
Thanks for all the positive reception and I'll refrain for posts other than strickly tech.

The Saleen upgrade is the 'Roots type' blower install.
Since it retains the factory TB pipe we're seeing if my system will simply 'plug and play'. Other setups have required notching the hood or adapting the 90 meter to the factory TB pipe or other TB pipes.
The advantage with mine, if fitment and performance check out, would be the 95mm, already easily tunable meter, over the 90, and with the TB pipe coupler/TB pipe 'angle adjustable'. I can produce another shield mated to the Saleen setup. Customers already having the system on the Mustang stock may only have to add the different shield with the blower install.
Still being a 5.0 fanatic I also love the Vortech setup. The best blower ever on the 5.0s!!

I hope you and your family and everyone on the forum have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON and may God be with you and SANTA be good to your Mustangs!!
JP - Check your PM's and post answers here if you could. I had a couple tech Q's for you that I would like answered.

The Rhoots style upgrade sounds smart! I wish I has some room infront of my engine after the Vortech goes on... will have to wait and see what they come up with (instead of putting the piping through the head light...) Maybe TunInd can come up with something nifty...?? I've been thinking a Y-split in the intake just before the MAF but that might be a tuning nightmare? Or piping that's a filter... that big ol' S Vortech have on there could be all filter! :happyhapp :winks

For now I just want my car back... should be done later this week, P&P heads, Headers, new CAI! Maybe even the clutch and flywheel but I'm not holding my breath on that one...!?! The guys at MD need their turkey too... :rolleyes:

Enjoy this for a few months while I'm building my shortblock... hopefully there is centrifugal style blower upgrades avail in the spring...??

PS. I split this thread as we hijacked it... hope all can find it okay!
Oh, and here is MD again if I wasn't so close to them I'd get the tuning combo... Would be the ultimate to get a tune from Ken, data log and send the log back from him for an even better tune! When $$ permit I might get it anyways, for ease of mind... alway know what/how she's doing! :rolleyes:

And here is proof that they are now selling and tuning for TunInd! Get one of the best CAI's and tune in one order from one place! Oh and then you'll have Ken on the hook for your future tunes! :happyhapp

$1,000, CAI, tuner, AND data logging... hmm... not to bad, especially you without a shop close by! I think they were talking about some specials too... will keep you posted!

PS. Looking at that ad I remember how large, light, and smooth it is... nice work! Now make one for my future Vortech install! :worship Oh and hopefully that too can be as price worthy!
Just checked the PMs.

You DO NOT have to do any drilling or modifications of any kind with the system install. The shield mounts with the factory bolt/bolthole.

It takes about 40 min. for everything including removal of factory system, install my system, and upload tuner tune.

I'll be putting an install guide up on the site, hopefully today, which a shop customer offered to do last saturday with his install. 44 pics in all.

The only tricky part is the correct fuse location in the fuse box.

The fuse access is easy as the box is right on the left underhood fender area. But note that if you are looking at the box for the fuse number with the lid in front of you you have to hold the lid over the fuses as the fuse location on the lid becomes reversed looking directly at it and it would be easy to pop the wrong ones. There are only 2 you have to remove, the fuel pump fuse & the cooling fan fuse. #s 3 & # 21. NOT THE RELAYS.

I'm showing in the install guide the 2 fuse locations on the fuses themselves.

You pop these after the system install, upload the tuner, pop them back in after uploading the tune and you're ready to punch it up.

It would take the same time to put everything back to stock, probably 10 min. quicker after doing the initial install.

On the question regarding the SCT tune gains/A/F ratio:

The gains by SCT were the lowest I've received but the A/F is not too rich with following up with my shop installs. SCT related around 17 and still hasn't related at what A/F.
They did 4 sessions in all due to 87 & 93 with both the closed and open end filter. Just the variable of doing the open-end filter 93 last in the same days session with refueling the car also raises my eyebrow!
They related on my V6 system tuning that something was wrong with the dyno above 4500 and they couldn't take it up any more RPM.

I verified that there would not be a problem with the tunes, both systems, since my knowledge is lacking here.

The SCT product/tunes are state of the art and I have faith in that they told me they would work well, and have.

I subsequently had Performance Auto Sport spin up the system, 87 & 93, and received the Murillo results at the same time as I knew that the shootout gains were much different. The superchips tuner related his gains also so I had 4 separate dyno sessions to tabulate the gains for both octanes with varrying A/F ratios. All were stock 05's except for the Murillo GT.

These are the findings:

-It's a sizable gain difference, +10 hp, with the 93 octane compared to 87.
-the system will post +21 @ 12.0:1 A/F, rwhp, 93 tune
-you can attain +26 - +28 going 12.8-13.1

The 'canned' tune has impressed all my customers thus far and I suspect that MD's tune will add gains to the canned tune.
One GT shop install, 87 auto, surprised all of us that it worked as well as it did, with it now loudly barking 2nd EVERY time it was punched up which it wouldn't do before. You could litteraly 'hear' the system coming 1/8 mile away on the strip in front of my shop.

With some ongoing testing, possibly on this forum, and a comparison of the SCT tune to MDs there can be some more A/F gains correlation.

When you can feel as big a difference on the 87 auto tune as we did and absolutely no issues with any of the SCT tunes I think they are good and would welcome more testing data.

The quality and performance are there and it would be nice to hone in on the absolute best tune/ against given mods.

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john, do you feel a larger air filter would also be a benefit? i believe jlt's is a little bigger and thusly maybe responsible for their higher gains. as far as the saleen s/c issue brought forth earlier,dosnt the tb end up in the same position ? this may be of some concern for me as i am interested in a saleen s/c as well as your cai,and would not want this to interfer with the gtr ram air hood i hav on order. your or anyone elses thoughts?thx vynle.:)
Now that I see that this final system meets both of the concerns 5.0 Mag had for the system and from what I have read with the consistency with tuning AND ESPECIALLY since MD sells the tuner and this CAI together, I would have to say it is the #1 system and I can't wait for MD to supply the canned tunes. Once that is said and done I will seriously consider this CAI in the spring.

Please keep me posted KJ and JP on the latest updates as it relates to the MD tunes.
Thank you waxed.

Bigger isn't always better. I had tested a few different filters on my 100mm 96-04 systems and found the 6" hit a sweet spot and that the same neck diameter 9" would loose power. When I released the 03' Cobra system with the 6" I encountered a lot of skepticism that the 9" being bigger would HAVE to post more power, especially when analyzing the CFM differences. So I sent a 6" and 9" for the 5.0 Mag 03' Cobra shootout. The 6" posted +8 more hp than the 9". With that same size 6" filter I'm still using on all the 100mm systems customer dyno feedback still verifys it to be the 'sweet spot' filter.

Looking at the JLT filter and mine both are 9" length. My i.d. neck is 4", and I'm assuming his is 4" or close to it with both systems using the same 4" plastic i.d. TB pipes. The CFM flow on a closed end 9" is approx. 920 CFM and the dual cone will add additional CFM to this number. I might be incorrect here but I think the CFM flow requirement for the new GT motor would be about 600 CFM. With the dual cone 9" I'm using you will have more than enough CFM flow and SCT did relate a couple hp more with the dual-cone over the closed end.

On the Saleen blower question it's just best to install and test. I still haven't heard the results with Jannety and will call them Friday if they are open and see what's up. It's my understanding from what I've seen on the forums that the SC does raise the TB up slightly.
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Waxed, me too think that the new and improved Tun Ind system is the best for max air, great fit, light weight, and good looks! I'm actually getting one as the smaller MMR I have might be the bottle neck for my new set up with Fox Lake ported heads and Kooks LT headers going on this week! :happyhapp

I'm also hoping that I can use the MAF and filter with my Vortech install in a few months... figured the blue cone would 'match' the Vortech blue, the blue CPR fuel rail, and the blue Cobra injectors... :rolleyes:

John, howabout a 9" filter for the Vortech? MAF? Is there room? I know it's tight...
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