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Tune up help please

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im about to do a tune up on my car and i was doing to upgrade the coils and ignition, any ideas what a good setup is? the engine is stock (other than a diablo chip) and in the future (next 12 mths) i want to get a set of stage 3 patriot headsso im looking for a good coil pack, ignition module, plugs, wires thanks for the help(maybe a link or 2 would be helpfull if at all possable)
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I would save the money of the coils for something different:

Coils won't get you big HP! (if it sparks, it ignites the mixture. if it ignites, it burns off, no matter how big the spark was before)
Save the money and buy a CAI and a bigger TB.

But that's only my opinion...
In my rebuild I switched to MSD coil packs & wires; figured almost 10 year-old stuff could use some 'upgrading'. Got my MSD coils from EBay, wires from Summit, alternator from PA Performance. Not sure on mods on your car - might help if list so we can see.
We have to talk about Patriot heads... wouldn't be my choice.


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all of my mods are ....... k&n filter ..... soon to be FIPK....... off road h pipe probably needs to be replaced in the next 12 mths so im going to get a or x pipe, Diablo chip, 3.73's, and its loweres 2 inches...... i want to change the coils, plugs, wires, and after that its going to be left alone till i get the money for the heads and cams.
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