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Tungsten and 18's and red leather oh my!

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Hey All...

I just want to torture myself some more until "Kate" arrives in April or May. If anyone gets a second and wants to post pics of their Tungsten 06's with fan blade 18's that would be great. I've ordered mine spoiler delete in prep for the CDC ducktail. Interior pics would be great as well with the red leather upgrade if anyone has any. Like I said, I might as well torture myself with what everything looks like until my baby comes in.

On order - fully loaded 06 GT Premium, 5 speed man, red leather upgrade with everything but the Mach 1000. Spoiler delete for the CDC ducktail... quarter window louvers... ONCE it's delivered - black painted Le Mans stripes tip to tip and Eibach pro's. I realize all those are "visual" mods at this point but, for me, they all just seem to work on the new body style. I'm leaving everything else alone until I have fun with it in stock form for a bit.

Thanks in advance... torture away...
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I oredered it in Vert version


sandyman said:
Great looking ride. I think a CDC light bar would look killer on that beauty.
Thanks for the Compliment, the light bar is on my wish list. I just ordered new springs and panhard from BMR so that will be my first big mod. Will post pics when done.
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