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Tungsten Paint Concern fingerprints in clearcoat

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Well I just recieved my pony this Friday.... When I picked it up it was in the beaming sun and I noticed some anomolies in the clear coat. You can see 3 places where someone put there fingers in the clear coat. It only appears when direct sun appears on the car... Others have noticed it but they didn't think it was a big deal. I noticed it right away and think it is a big deal for the money it should be perfect. The only problem now is do I send it back to the dealership to rip it down and re apply the clearcoat. Perhaps it can be buffed out??? I know the factory clear coat is the best but can a decent body shop do a good job as well??? Should I just live with it because the factory clearcoat will protect the car longer??? I could take a picture but it would be hard to tell... the sun has to be hitting it at the right angle.
I almost didn't take the car but I just wanted to take it for the weekend, tomorrow I'm taking it to a detailer who I will ask about these spots.
Kinda a piss off waiting for so long and having these little spots, but the car is amazing.... for those of you waiting, it will be worth it.
If anyone has some insight it would be more then appreciated.
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Very Dissapointing news today

It looks like the defects go all the way to the paint.... extatic about getting the car a few days ago to big dissapointment. When the sun hits the car you can see these prints like shinning a ultraviolet light on white.

I would assume getting a new car would be out of the question... not to mention the 6 month wait.

My worst feeling is they would have to sand it down and repaint those sections...

Not good and not a happy camper.

Guess I will see what the dealership comes up with.
Flat rock might be pushing these cars out to fast. Guess that is the chance you take to get a hot car.
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