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Tuning Emissions and Engine Modifications Like Camshafts and Headers

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Long time viewer, first time caller here. I've searched the forums and found some useful info but nothing specific to what I'm looking for. I'm sure its there, but maybe I'm one of those people Harry Reid was talking about that doesn't know how to internet.

I have a 2006 Mustang GT and I'm looking to start engine modifications, the first being is a new set of camshafts.

My main concern is passing emissions. In my state they just plug into the OBDII, and if I remember correctly you're allowed one fail on a list of about 10-12 check points to pass however, it can't be something like an O2 sensor. Example is I had a truck that had 1 cylinder misfiring due to a bad spark plug wire. It still passed even though it had a fail on that bank.

My question is if I install cams (and a Bama tune) and I don't have to pass a sniffer will my car fail emissions?
I have buddies that have done engine work up to and exceeding 1000 rwhp, and everything passes just fine wink wink. I will go that route if I have to but I'd rather just have the damn thing pass no matter which testing place does it. In my state defeating or defrauding an emissions test can land you in jail with a fine that would far exceed the cost of the parts I'm putting in, so not many people do it but there are grey areas I'm willing to explore, and if it comes to it, join the dark side.

If anyone has a link that would answer my questions feel free to link it, as I've searched for a while now and just haven't found specifics. Even my states website doesn't have any useful information.

Maybe there are no direct answers and I should go talk to an emissions testing place but my concern is they're going to think I'm looking for a way to cheat (I prefer the term 'be creative') and will just toss me out rather than tell me anything. I'm not one to draw direct attention to myself.

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Cams wont change anything that could cause you to fail.
Headers usually require a tune change to compensate for the O2 sensors being moved further downstream; assuming you keep some kind of cat converters and rear sensors, it'll pass.

The one thing that could cause you problems is the tune itself! Be sure to let them know that you need it to pass obdii emissions inspection, and they'll leave things on so you can; otherwise they'll turn off the rear O2 sensors and you'll end up with 3 not readys.

With a tune, you might end up with 1 not ready, and as you've stated, that will pass (same 'rules' here, I can have 1 not ready, and I always have 1 that is not ready and still pass).

I have made numerous posts here and on other forums about passing emissions inspection; you can search for them by my user name, if that helps.
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WIth your mod list, I'd say avoid the shorty headers and opt for long tubes; you'll get some gains with them at least.

The 5.0 Ford Racing intake manifold is a decent replacement option; it adds a little more power at the upper rpm ranges, but you lose a little torque at lower rpms.
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