You’ve got your Mustang, it makes a delicious sound, but maybe not quite as delicious as you’d like. So it’s time to get your very own aftermarket exhaust system. Here are 5 of the from Amazon.

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Borla ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System


You couldn’t start a conversation about Mustang exhausts without bringing up Borla. Among the most popular choices for the S550 generation, it’s not hard to understand why. Anyone who’s ever seen a Mustang with Borla pipes knows that they’re violently tuneful, like a lyrical machine gun or Pachelbel’s canon. Weighing in at 55 lbs and featuring Borla’s ATAK mufflers, these are made of high-quality stainless steel and deliver the highest decibels available on Borla’s street-legal lineup. Tell me that doesn’t wet your reed.


Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust System


If you’re looking to fly under the radar a little more, check out this Flowmaster system. With twin pipes on either side finished in black, these are sure to make the back end of your Mustang look mean and purposeful, but won’t alter the look too much. The sound may be a little less intense than the Borla unit, but don’t expect a muted experience. These are still designed to be moderate to aggressive. So, they may not make your ears bleed, but they surely won’t go unnoticed.


Roush Axle Quad Tip Exhaust System


If you’re looking for a brand you trust but want to save a couple of shackles and a bit of work, these Roush axle back pipes might be the ones for you. Made of stainless steel, they produce an aggressive, race-inspired sound. Made by Roush, there’s real racing heritage there, too. And according to Roush, they can be installed in just one hour by a novice mechanic with basic tools. They still aren’t cheap, but it’s quick way to get improved performance and sound that you can do yourself.


MBRP 3” Cat-back Dual Split Race Version Exhaust


A bit of a dark horse in this race, the name MBRP might be a little less familiar to you than the previous brands. But what these pipes lack in name recognition, they make up for in aggression. With three-inch pipes and four-and-half-inch tips, this exhaust has been designed to get out of the way and create an aggressive tone. MBRP has been racing for the last 20 years and although they’re currently racing an ahem Acura NSX in the GT World Challenge, the Canadian outfit cut its teeth making exhaust systems for snowmobiles. They produced the B&B Eliminator, which went on to become the best-selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. So although it costs a little less than some of the other kits, it’s by no means cheap.


Corsa Cat Back Exhaust with Black Tip


We close out the list with the Corsa cat back exhaust kit. And we’ve chosen this one for livability. Like the rest, Corsa promises that this exhaust system will produce an aggressive exhaust note that’s sure to rattle your neighbor’s teeth. But Corsa prides itself on its Reflective Sound Cancellation, a technology the company says completely eliminates drone by selectively targeting and eliminating resonant frequencies. It’s one thing to just empty an exhaust system of baffling, but it’s another thing entirely to make smart about sound to keep the car driving you mad on your next long-distance trip.


So there you have it. Five great choices for your 5.0.