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Twin Supercharged 5.0 Ford Ranger???

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How Is This Possibleeeee????

Could that be possible in my 05 ranger?
Not a setup like that but just, lets say an old 5.0 mustang engine? lol
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i have seen a lightning with two blowers on it
Watching it sit there and run in the driveway is one thing. Making it work at above idle is a whole other thing. I want to see it pulling hard before I believe that it is worthwhile and if this particular one is even worth it.
Yeah Ive seen the lightning with twin superchargers. It can be done...lots of work and money. I bet that thing has some insane low end torque.
If that does run like I can imagine it could...those weeny tires will hook like they're hooking on ice. My cobra with considerably more weight and tire breaks lose at 55-60.
I Though the same thing, there is no way that little truck can get the tires to hook...:headscratch:

So much money and its still just a Ranger, Why.
Craid Radovich did that in the mid 90's, and ran Pro 5.0 with twin Paxtons.
with 4 lug cobras?

why not just put that all on a stang?
That's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Whether or not it works, is practical, or is overall a good decision isn't my concern! :gringreen
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