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Two Guys Garage episode Oct. 23

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WOW! on Two Guys Garage this morning (Oct. 23) they took a silver 05 GT (with all the IUP and red leather) and they added a blower kit and did a tune with the x cal 2. After installing the blower they pulled 420 RWHP and 482 FT. LB. tourque (wow) They then had a guy from SCT come in and custom tune the car. all he did was adjust the air/fuel ratio and the spark timing (i think increase 5 % on both) and they ended up with 502 RWHP and 492 Ft. Lb. Tourque. Thats amazing! they never said what kind of blower it was on the show anyone who saw it know what it was? Thanks for checkin out the post.

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KJ ... you sure know some people ... I'm jealous !!!
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