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Ummmmmmm, thats not a 289!

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Well now, I have been happily wrenching on my 65 mustang coupe for a couple years now. Last fall the motor developed a tick and it was discovered that the exhaust lifter on the #5 cylinder had collapsed. What better opportunity to upgrade! Already has an Edelbrock performer 289 intake installed. PO stated motor was a 289. Any parts that I have been buying have been for a 289. Low and behold I remove the intake and what numbers do I see staring at me???? 302! :surprise:
I have an entire valvetrain set, brand new, sitting in my tool cabinet. My question is........ please tell me these parts are interchangeable?? It is late right now and I can not call Comp customer service until the morning. IT is eating away at me right now.
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289/302.....same thing....slight different stroke but the top ends are the same
Yes, thank you. Did more homework last night after discovery. Everything I have will fit nicely. thumbsup3.gif
As long as you don't have a 302 with pedestal rockers you should be fine. Good Luck.
Depending upon the block number, you may have a block intended to be a 302 but it was built at the factory as a 289. As has been said, there is very little difference between the blocks. The crankshaft is the main difference that makes a 302 although there is a small block difference at the bottom of the cylinder bores. Building a 289 in a 302 block is no problem at all. The same pistons are used in either one.
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Rex, the heads are stamped 289.
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