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universal wire harness

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does anyone know where i can get a wirein harness. that has a 20+pin female and male ends? i made a custom gauge cluster and i want to make it removable from the dash like the factory one. so i want to wire the cluster into one end and than wire the car on the other. and plug the two in. ive looked at painless and they dont have it. thanks
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thats what i am looking for thanks
Be careful about the connectors on that page. The only connector I see with 20 terminals is the .062 connector and it is for wires smaller than 18 gauge. I dont know how big you wires are. They have lots more to choose from though im sure. Might have to search their catalog if you have bigger wires. Or you could use two of the bigger .092 connectors. They fit wires up to 14 gauge. Nice company though lots of electrical connectors I will have to save this to my favorites thanks Sick
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i figured that i would use more than on set. for that reason
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