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Unknown rattle

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Hey all, I have a 2019 GT and I recently noticed a rattle from the underside of the car. I have an axle back so I made sure all the clamps and hangers are secure, and no luck. It only happens from about 1200-2100rpm and seems to vanish at higher rpm. I installed a steeda street short throw shifter along with the trans bushing. I only noticed this noise after that install, but the rattle makes noise whether the car is in neutral, 1-6, idle, you name it.
I can’t find any good information and I’m using this as a last resort before I take in somewhere to get diagnosed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wish this website would allow videos but, regardless. Thanks!
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You can just post a video on Youtube and then post the link to it here.
Where is the rattle coming from?
Does it only happen when you're moving or also sitting idling?
If it's in the back or middle It could be the exhaust barely rubbing on something. You really need it on a lift to inspect it underneath. I would take it to a local garage and pay them a little something to let you look it over while it's up in the air. You should shake the exhaust when it's up on the lift. If it rattles even when sitting in neutral then you can ask the mechanic to lift it with it running.
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