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Upgrading - Need Suggestions

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After fixing all of the weird issues with my Vortech'ed '93 GT (8lbs boost), i've decided to upgrade some of the little things that could go a long way.

70mm Accufab TB from a 65mm
42lb injectors from 30lbs
255lph pump from a 190lph
80mm MAS from a 75mm
Reconnecting Kenne Bell Ram Air kit
Retune the chip

I'm kinda torn between getting 80mm MAS as opposed to a 90mm MAS.

Suggestions please.
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what type intake , heads and exhaust are you running?
Saleen/Vortech Intake manifold upper & lower on TFS stage II CNC ported heads. Stage II cam. JBA 1-5/8 headers.

I've read that the PRO-M 80mm is somewhat better than the 90mm Ford MAS but the 90mm Ford MAS is easier to work (program) with.

I'm thinking on going with 70mm depending on the resolution of my 65mm issue. But this could be yet another problem, all together.
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