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Upgrading stock speakers, need help

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Looking at improving my base stereo in my 2011 v6. I love listening to rock, especially alternative rock. Any suggestions for speaker brands for a solid rock sound. I Know very little about speakers, which brands are the best or the difference between two-way or three way speakers.

What would you do to your stang if you wanted a better sound? Especially if rock is your preference.

Any suggestions or pics of your setup would be appreciated. Thanks
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three way are better and i personally like alpine but thats just my oppinion
If you have the shaker, then I personally recommend Infinity Reference 6832s. I have these and they are great! I listen to everything from punk to opera. You can find them on Amazon for about $55 a pair. They compliment the subwoofers in the door on the shaker system. They are great for the mids and highs. They are two-way but not all 3-ways are all that they are cracked up to be.
It really depends on how much you want to spend. I put in some JL that sound great for the price. Huge difference. But also your head unit is half the problem too. I also have the base head unit.
infinity's go great with the shaker 500 system. i have the kappa's. they are 2 ohm and 94db sensitivity, so running on a weak 4ohm amp they arent starved for power.. they get very loud and sound great, especially after being broken in.
I've never seen factory 5x7 speakers rumble as nicely as the ones in my base. Are the enclosures that much better than what I'm used to or is there something else going on? Definately sounds better (the lows, anyways) than my '96 with JL speakers and a JVC/Arsenal headunit).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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