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URGENT help needed with interior code. Lumbar

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The lumbar support broke on my 2008 bullitt. Although I am young I have a bad lower back and desperately need lumbar support. The new lumbar kit is $350. I am going to try to take a cheaper way out and buy a kit out of a salvage yard. When I called my local salvage yard they asked for my interior code. My interior code is TW. I am worried that because the car is a bullitt that it has a different interior code from other mustangs.
It would be much appreciated if those of you with 2005 to 2009 mustang coupes, with power lumbar support could post your interior codes and model year. I do not need the right color or material in the seat I just need the right internals of the seat. Thanks!
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I believe Ford custom built a lumbar support system specific to only the Bullitt edition, so you'll need to find another Bullitt to salvage from....< /sarcasm >

...Now back to reality, the lumbar support from any 05-09 Mustang should work.

Are you sure it's broken and not just a blown fuse?
I know it broke because I was driving down the interstate and I heard it snap and it quit working. The motor still turns over though.

I know ford did not build a bullitt edition lumbar support. I just need other interior codes, so I can go to the salvage lot with the right codes to get the right parts.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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