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V-Sixer Monte Carlo bar

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Googled this up last weekend, got a hit for a guy on Ebay, made the bid (50 bones!) and got the part yesterday. Will post pix later today. Fit right over the inside bolts of the strut towers, about perfectly. One curious (hopefully not problematic) issue: The hood didn't want to shut for about the first ten times I tried, after the install. Near as could tell, the hood insulation was not "giving" with the new bar in place. I let the hood rest against it for about ten minutes while pondering, and then it closed on the next try. The fit appears very snug in there, but am gonna give it a road test this morning and make sure there's nothing to worry about.

Looks like the guy is selling more of 'em here:

Comments/criticisms welcomed...
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I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but is a tower brace the best bang for the buck in upgrading suspension? Would a full set of springs or other mod be better?

Also, how noticible is the diference with the tower brace?
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