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V6 Manual Transmission Issues !

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How many V6'ers here have issues with their manual trannies, Mine is very noisy in neutral (sounds like a bad bearing), a lot of winning in 1st and 2nd gear, and the famous clunking with shifting.

I went to the dealer twice with it and the first time they told me evrything is fine, of course. Second time I have requested to do a road test with the technician to show him the issues, as soon as started the car and let it run in neutral I saw the grin on his face and he told me "Don't have to go further I think you have a bad bearing" and he took it back inside.

Two hour after they give me back the car and they told me that everything is fine and there was nothing wrong with it, they apparntly contacted Ford and they also tried other cars they had in stock and they are all the same.

I was really pissed and an not happy so I officially filled a complaint with Ford Customer Relation and now awaiting their inputs.

I have seen many other reports for similar issues and would be interested in your inputs and any fixes you may have found.

BTW my car was built in June, so it's a recent build......
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