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V6 up Grade. How much HP?

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Hello. I'm planning on some up grades on my 2008 V6 mustang, I'm starting off with : JBA Shorty Headers: Bassia Dual Exhust with a Xpipe. Or a Magna Flow, A Procharger Supercharger, Up size my Fuel Injectors 1 size, And a Diablo Tuner. Can anyone tell me the approx HP, and Tourqe I might beable to get with this up Grade. I really would Appreaciate the info. Thanks
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i highly recommend buying the sct flash tuner from AM with bama tunes for life. trust me you will regret it later.

shorty headers dont give much if any HP . i think you might get about 130-145 hp.
I second the motion! Get an SCT tuner from AM regardless of what mods you plan! Procharge might put you around 315 - 335 to the wheel. Going to need an 8.8 rearend too!
Hey another local KC guy. I am out by Olathe.
The headers will help with a FI setup. I would go LT headers though if your going to do headers anyway. And I agree with the 310 to 330 estimate if the tune is right. SCT and Bama tunes are awesome but with a FI setup I would want a custom dyno tune.
MC Racing in Merriam does good work as does Supertune over in Stillwell.
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Thanks guys. I will look into the info. I'll be doing the up grade in about a week. So every little bit helps. I was talking to the shop in Merriam. If you have anymore suggestions, I'm open. I want this Mustang to shine, And go fast!
get some control arms, you're going to need to get that power under control, traction is important.
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