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Vaccum Line Question

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Hey I am new with engines but i ran into a problem when installing new valve covers. The new ones are a little taller than the stock ones so I am ending up having to replace what I think are two different vaccum lines. I wanna clarify that they are what I think they are but one is a black hose that goes into the left valve cover and the other end to the carburator. The second line that is causing problems is a smaller metal line running from the carburator to the exhaust manifold it appears. If someone could tell me what they are so I dont sound stupid ordering new ones and is it a easy fix if I can order longer ones so they will fit around the new valve covers.
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The black hose you're describing sounds like the one that connects the PCV valve to the carb...although that should be on the right (passenger) side. The other metal piece sounds like a choke tube. Is it actually attached to the manifold...or does it just nestle down near it?

A pic would clear up a lot ;)!
Yes sorry the right passenger side and the metal one looks to be nestled next to it. It is also on the passenger side and goes over the valve cover. Ill see what I can do about a picture!:bigthumbsup

I assume your new valve covers also have a PCV valve/opening, right? All you should really need is a new length of hose to make the connection between the PCV and the carb. It's sold by the foot at any auto parts store. Just make sure you have the diameter right.

As for the choke tube, I'd remove it and see if it can be bent to fit and reinstalled. BTW, It may not even be necessary. I believe the purpose of that tube was to bring warmer air from the manifold area into the carb to ease cold weather operation. (someone correct me if I'm mistaken). If you don't plan on driving it in the winter and/or your choke works well, it's optional.
Yep I just went down to the local auto part store and found the pcv hose i needed and the heat riser tube is optional I heard if I have a electric choke. But if I dont drive it in the winter I would be interested to hear if I need it. I live in washington so the climate can really change from season to season. Thanks!:smilie
My choke tube has been broken (at the manifold),for years. The guy that rebuilt my carb told me it didn't really matter because i didn't drive the car in winter. He also asked if i wanted him to adjust the choke to where the carb flapper thinge would stay open all the time. I had him do that and I havn't had any problems since.

I do drive the car in some cold temps, as long as the roads have no snow. Last year, first week of November it was about 35 degree's & i drove it then. It does sit in a warm garage so its not really cold when its started.

Cuddy, i do believe you are correct that the choke tube was there to help the carb warm up in cold temps. I am not 100% sure tho.
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