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vacum lines (i need help) 1990 Mustang LX

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I think there vacum lines anyway they look plastic to me.theres a red one green, black, white. I changed my plugs today i guess i broke them
because now my car stumbles and won`t idle right??? there broke for sure i`m asuming i did it, because the car was fine before. food for thought i went to the stock plug 25 there was a 26 in there and she was mad lean.. the change in plugs wouldn`t cause it to stumble anyway would it? i also clean and relubed my k&n filter thats all i did
If someone knows what lines i`m talking of please chime in on this and direct me to the right name or part number for this and where to get new ones. i tryed to shrink wrap them but it did not change anything. or could there be somthing i`m missing? thanks in advance !! Richard,
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I'm going to take a guess and ask are the broken lines anything like this in this post? All but one of mine were broke in that photo so if these are the lines you have broken I'd guess it's the one running to the back of the intake manifold. Mine currently runs fine so you should be able to just find a rubber hose that plastic line fits snugly into, and use that to reconnect the two. Now if this isn't the lines your talking about then I don't know with out a picture.
The red line gose through the little adapter piece to your upper intake, so patch it or plug it. I believe green goes to white onto the egr valve, but I honestly dont think that small vacuum leak there would make you stumble. My source hose and entire upper intake hoses for the pcv valve were leaking and i had two open ports on the intake and it wouldn't stumble, just ran rich. What'd you gap your plugs to? Also did you replace spark plug wires? Its a cheap improvement.
a quick way to find out if the lines are causing the surge just start the car and spray carb cleaner on each line if the idle jumps up then that one is causing problems.
For those plastic lines, you can get some rubber hose that the line fits snugly into, and reconnect them that way.
thats the right ones in the picture!! i have pretty new acel wires the plugs were pre gapped and re checked before installed to stock specs
could the plugs cause it to stuble? its not bad just a little when at very easy throttle applied. wot no problem i`m going to recheck plug wires to make sure everything is snug before i move on to somthing else. Thanks guys i did rmove airbox assembly mabe i missed somthing when putting it back together ? Thanks Richard
I'd also suggest replacing the cap and rotor as well as cleaning your mass air. I had a minor stumble, similar to how you describe yours. I have all but two of my lines broken as well. After I cleaned the MA and C&R it seemed to fix the problem.
it was the plugs i put the autolite 26 `s back in and it runs fine now
go figure? it didn`t like the autolite 25`s for some reason the 26`s must be hotter plug mabe the timing has be bumped up so when i put a colder plug in it ran like crap. anyway guys thanks for the input just hate i had to learn that the hard way. i changed plugs twice for nothing i did fix my vacum lines but that didn`t fix my problem, but atleast there fixed, i did get that out of it. and i did learn the car likes hotter plugs so not a total lost... Thanks Richard,
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