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Very nice SS Scuff Insert at a Great Price!

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I ordered a set of the stainless steel scuff plate inserts from Performance Parts. I have seen these advertised for $60 - $80 on the internet and in eBay, so I was a little hesitant when I saw them for sale for only $27.99. Well I will tell you I could not be happier. These are the same high quality inserts sold by FOMOCO. In fact they are Ford parts. The install took about 5 minutes per side and they fit perfect. So, if you are interested in adding the finishing touch to your stock scuff pads, contact JD.


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i think they already jacked the price up to $35
i did not mean to be derogatory in my post i just meant to say that there was a price increase. if i do decide to get the plates at the lower price ,how do i go about it?i got on your website and saw themfor the new price and got a little screwed up at the checkout trying to figure out the shipping costs. it kept increasing the quantities. if i accidentally ordered anything please ignore john stigliano
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just got my scuff plates from performance .jim sold them for $27.99 plus shipping. by far one of the best improvements i've made thus far. it really dresses up that entrance into the car thanks jim great store great products and prices john
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