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Two names you don't normally see together make for one very rare Mustang. It's a 1988 Mustang ASC/McLaren, and it's for sale at a dealer in Charlotte, NC.

The idea started when the Mustang didn't offer a convertible. An aftermarket option that would bring back the open air feel to the pony car. But by the time it was finished, Ford had already decided to bring back a convertible of its own.

That didn't stop American Sunroof Company from bringing their drop-top Mustang to market, though. ASC wanted to make their own open-air Mustang more special, so they went further than Ford's own car.

It started with black LX models that had GT front clips and GT interiors. Then they were fitted with reinforced doors and cowls, along with a new sleeker windshield frame and thicker glass. Once the cars got to ASC, they saw even more conversion work. Boxed reinforcement for the chassis and a cut off roof, for a start. The new fabric roof would fold flat, unlike the puffy version from the factory car. The rear seats were removed too, with a parcel shelf in their place. A new body kit with unique bumpers and lights is fitted.

ASC wanted some suspension upgrades to go with the improved looks, so they reached out to McLaren. Not that McLaren, the engineering company based in Michigan. ASC and McLaren had worked together on another car you might have heard of, the Buick GNX.

This car was bought to be a collector's item. It's only seen 1,083 miles and has spent its life in climate controlled storage. The car is one of only around 1,800 built, so it's never going to be a daily sight. Unless you put it in your garage, that is.

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