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very useful wiring diagram for 1993 mustang.

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Doing some research on 1993 Mustang cobra wiring diagrams and have a question I hope can be answered. The wiring diagram shows pin 11 on the EEC going to "ign/starting". No other diagram I can find for mustang or truck has this pinout. Is this an error? If it's not, where is it connected to on ign/starting circuit? Thank you in advance.
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This is the one I was referring to. I'm repinning an ECU and using a 93 computer. Trucks used pin 11 for CANP. Truck diagrams also have no extra pin to coincide for this circuit.
Thanks all. I'm thinking it is just a mistake on that diagram. I was hoping the dude that made the diagram would also respond. He has another diagram for 91-93 that shows sensor, but no input to pin 11. Gonna visit local dealership and see if he can give me a print. I don't believe 93 Cobras are pinned different than other 91 to 93 mustangs either.
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I apologize for lack of details. I tend to attract the internet experts (be it Ford, airplane, or motorcycle) that like to explain in great detail how much they know and my ideas are stupid and will never work. My question never gets answered, so I tend to just ask the question with minimal detail.

I am building a 351w with mildly ported GT40 heads, "bigger cam", Edelbrock intake with twin 56mm throttlebody, and a stock 75mm MAF from a 95 F150. Using the Cobra X3Z computer because it is preprogrammed for 24 lb injectors and my math calculated I need 23.16 lb injectors.

This is all going in a 90 F150 with a 5 sp manual transmission. I am converting from SD to MAF.
Noted. We'll find out. I don't have a tuner for EEC-IV and can't see spending $300-$400 dollars for one for a one-time deal.
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