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Looking for a few opinions I have a 2004 Mustang GT 5 speed with a few bolt ons , but ever since I bought the car last year It has had a slight vibration in neutral or at highway speeds around 1,800 rpm. I feel it in the seat in neutral when i rev and in the seat and gas pedal on the highway with a slight gear shift shake. I dont see any cracking on the rubber on the dampner or any type of wobble? I tried the ol' floor jack under the oil pan trick and it did seem to relieve the vibration , but after talking to someone they told me the floor jack just could be absorbing the vibration ? Is there a sure measurment between the pan and steering rack ? I dont have money to just throw parts at it , I would rather do it right the first time. If this helps at all the car kept dying after I bought it and eventually found a piece of foam in the tank clogging the fuel pump and every time it would starve itself of fuel the engine would shake violently . Thats why I'm kinda leaning towards mounts . Maybe the prior owner traded it in with the clogged pump and it wasted the mounts in the process. Sorry so long just trying to give you guys as much info as possible to weed out some of the guess work . Thanks
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