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victim of a driveby

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....shouting match. Some dude in a lowered Honda with an unpainted body kit. I was at a light today in the 'vert and having some fun. I wasn't trying to race anyone or nothing. I made couple of full throttle runs to 55 and this dude pulls up beside me and yells out 'That's imnpressive, why don't you learn how to drive that POS." I just yelled back 'Hey I got your other 4 cylinders here (insert middle finger).' I dunno what his problem was. I guess his feelings got hurt or something.
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LOL, he was just pissed because he has a 17sec car !
damn boy why didnt you just wind up that kenne belle
I did, I think the whine scared either his kid in the backseat or girl in the front seat.
Ha ha ha. LMFAO. thats good stuff. He got all butt hurt.
BlueStreak03 said:
'Hey I got your other 4 cylinders here (insert middle finger).'
LMAO....thats classic... :smoke:
That's the nice part of a KB'ed stang.

KB kit: $ 4,899
Shop bill for the install & dyno: $ 600
Knowing that your car is one of the fastest out there: Priceless

Good job BlueStreak!
Thank ya. I wish that's all mine cost. more like
Kit: $4899
Gages: $650
Pods: $120
Big Boost kit: $450
Plugs, coolant: $40
Shop: $1200

I got the dual mode chip so there was double the tune time and I had them change out the rear diff lube too. It was all worth it because I know what's going on under there and It was all done by guys that have done several of these.

That hurts a lot - but hey, 414 RWHP can't be free.
I knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but it's a damn good setup and I can have confidence that it was done right. And you definitely can't argue with the results.
Congrats, Bluestreak- didn't know you had the KB installed already. That extra HP REALLY makes a difference, doesn't it!
Thank ya. Yeah I picked the car up this past Friday, she's a real kick in the ass to drive. Check your PM's meatball.
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