If we can’t have a Ranger Raptor, at least we can watch those who can.

It’s an open secret that  your author takes every chance he gets  to chastise Ford for currently failing to sell the Ranger Raptor on American soil. A myriad of excuses reasons have been offered by the company, ranging from engineering to marketing.

Sure, the diesel mill that’s being used in other markets probably isn’t regulatory (or power) kosher for this market but surely the combined R&D might of the Blue Oval can figure out how to integrate the Ranger Raptor’s suspenders into the truck marketed stateside. until then, we’ll all spend our money on ZR2 Bison and TRD Pro pickups.


An outlet from Australia produced this film last summer, not long after the truck was placed into the hands of various auto journalists in that market. The drivers decided to bound across 1000 miles of Outback, using the Baja 1000 as a template for their journey. It’s more than ironic that the market which neighbors the inspiration for this video doesn’t get the truck. Because, y’know, buyers in this market wouldn’t find the type of activity shown in the photo below to be any fun at all.

Ahem. Yes. Where was I?

Right now, owners of the current-model Ranger can take their rig to Hennessey, a shop which will boost horsepower to 350bhp and install a Stage 1 off-road  suspension  upgrade kit which lifts the truck by 4 inches. In exchange, the company will relieve you of $19,950.

That’ll tide us over for now, as will videos like the one above. A factory-built Ranger Raptor, for now, remains elusive.

a version of this article first appeared on off-road.com