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Video of my 299/323 dyno run.

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Here is the thread with my write up on mods and pics and video of my dyno run:

299.1 rwhp / 323.7 rwtq :eyepoppin
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I wasn't able to watch the vids, but the #'s are nice!! Do you now how much the x-pipe was worth?
Good numbers and the car sounds nice too! :thumbup
gotan05 said:
I wasn't able to watch the vids, but the #'s are nice!! Do you now how much the x-pipe was worth?
Thanks. Not sure how much the x pipe and cats gave me but it had to be around 10 or so. The overall gain is about 20-30 rwhp and I doubt all of that came from the CAI.
couldn't view it :sleeping:
tw0scoops123 said:
couldn't view it :sleeping:
That's wierd, its playing fine for me. Here is the direct link to the videos:*franksperformance*franksperformance
Take it for what it's worth, but I have read from more than one performance source that a good CAI and a custom tune are worth 20+ RWHP some of the sources cite as high as 27 RWHP. But sure sounds nice and the X-pipe should benefit future mods imo.
Good numbers!

There is not much top-end power in the X, maye 2-3 RWHP, the gain is mainly mid-high range, let's say 3500-5000 RPM, and mostly TQ, as you can see on your numbers you have great TQ in that baby!
Yea, the way I see it even if I am getting most of the gains out of the CAI and not the exhaust its ok b/c the exhaust sounds great and it gives room for more mods down the road b/c it is more free flowing. I think if any gains were added from the system it was more from the cats than from the x pipe anyway. The stock cats are way more restrictive than the Bassani cats. Take a look at the picture here:


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Beautiful piece there from Bassani!

I think it's a good mod as you WANNA feel that pull in the middle, that's where you're driving when getting on it! The sound is a true bonus!
Definatly. I haven't gotten a chance to scan the dyno and torque curve printouts but the nice part was that the gain was all the way across the curve. Basically it just moved the whole curve up.
awesome #'s but how much of that gain do you think came from no back wheels to spin up?
blackened said:
awesome #'s but how much of that gain do you think came from no back wheels to spin up?
Highly doubt there was any real change for two reasons.
1.) It still had to spin the large metal flanges that hooked up to my lugs.
2.) This is probably an even more accurate way of dynoing b/c unlike having different wheel sizes all cars dynoed on this machine would have the same weight to spin. I am sure that whoever designed the machine added some sort of weight or resistance that would equal having wheels on it.
I did a little more research and was talking to the guy who did the dyno and he said that there is some truth to a possible loss in power b/c the wheels are off. The machine is somewhat weighted to counteract the wheels but it can't judge all wheels. He said the difference could be around 5 hp. That would put me at 294 rwhp which is still fine by me.
Where are all the V6'ers who think that the GT has like 140 horses now? My cousin who works at a Ford engine plant says the V8 has more power than Ford is letting on, and slightly modified ones like these show he is right. Great job, thanks for the video!!!!
The V8 definatly has a lot of power and eventhough a lot of people complain b/c it is so sensitive that it needs a tune with everything on the other side of the coin it responds real well to a few mods and a tune.
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