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Vin code confusion

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According to:

1966 Ford Mustang VIN Decoder - Data Explorer

I should have the optional 289 however I have the inline 6. I have a C code VIN but the I6 appears original to the car and I'm wondering if there's any way I can check on the engine or where I check on it to see if it matches my car? Or does the fact that the 289 was optional mean just that and that my car came with the standard I6 anyway? This is confusing to me as if the I6 was standard shouldn't I have the T in my VIN?

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Whatever the 5th digit in you VIN is, would mean that engine came in the car from the factory. Are you getting the VIN from the left fender or paperwork?

The 'optional' refers to a better item being installed at the factory beyond the low end base car. I6 was base ($0), the 289 was an upgrade option (+$$$$).

Just looking at the engine may not be enough. The older I6 cars came with 4 lug wheels, smaller brakes, smaller rear ends, and a few other things. Over the many years, almost anything could have been changed.
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To start with you can check the 2 VINs that are covered under the outer fenders. They are stamped onto inner fender. Ya have to loosen the fender bolts, then CAREFULLY use a dull/old screwdriver and nice towel to clean underneath

Once the bolts are loosened. You will need a larger screwdriver to pry up the outer fender (use towels here too) only about 3/4" or an inch, so you can use the other (old) screwdriver and towel to wipe back & forth so you can see (with flashlite) at least part of the VINs. Then you can see what way you need to clean to see the entire VIN. BTW, they are in same area (top of fender) as one that you can see but they are both closer to hood hinges. Think mine were a couple inches from the hinges.

Just take care while doing this so you don't scratch up anything. I think I loosened up 4 or 5 fender bolts. Take your time.

If all 4 of the VINS show a C in the 5th character and it has a I6 in it...that's weird. huh.gif

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