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vin information

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I have a 1969 mach 1 and am trying to decyfer the body, trim, date, trans, ect information on the vin tag can anyone help me please??
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body is 63C COLOR T TRIM 3A DATE 14C NOT SURE EITHER 71 OR 7I AXLE 9 TRANS X where can i find this information?? thanks
thank you very much for your time in this matter and for helping me with this!!

thank you for your time!!
63C.......Mach 1

T........Candyapple Red

3A.......Black Mach 1 interior

14C......built around March 14, 1969

the DSO is 71.......Los Angeles (your car was sold new in the southern CA area)

9...........3.25 open rear

X...........FMX auto (your Mach is either a H [351 2v] or M [351 4v]code to have this tranny)

Here's some additional info I can give you about your car,

your's is one of 8,256 Candyapple Red Machs with black interior in 69

since I know your engine is one of two codes I'll give the info for both:

H code with FMX........23,511
M code with FMX........19,727

9,595 Sportsroofs (all) went to the 71 DSO in 69
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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