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Vinal stripes on curved surfaces....

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I'm wanting the wrap around stripes for my 06 when it comes in. I have been talking to my salesman at the dealer and he says their installer won't go around the bumpers because the vinal will eventually crack there. He says if I take it to some other installer They will most likely use razor blades to trim around the 3rd brake light and l/p opening and that will void the warentee on the clearcoat. I see alot of people have the wrap around stripes out there. Has anyone had these issues?
I'm looking for installers in the St. Louis area if anyone can recommend one.....
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I work in a vinyl shop. It's possible that the vinyl could crack eventually, but is less likely if you use the absolute best you can. I'm talking top end 3M, wholesale shop cost somewhere in the $10/yd area. How much they stretch it installing can affect it too. Don't bet on anything longer than 2-3 years out of even the best stuff, no matter what they tell you. The vinyl is rated on VERTICAL installations, not flat on a hood where the sun and engine bake it to death.

If the guys doing the stripes plan on trimming the stuff on a car, then, yeah, they'll use razor knives. It can be done without harming the paint, but it is rare. It's a better plan to find a shop with a good designer who can take measurements around the light and computer cut the stripes to leave a space for the light. Same thing with the rear medallion. Having all this done right is time consuming, so expect to pay a good bit for it. DON'T go with the cheapest shop that quotes it for you. DO get more than one estimate. See if you can find a shop where the guys working on it are car nuts. We're more careful.

And, we're in Georgia, or I'd work it out for you.
I have 3m wrap arounds. Shop used a computer to do the gas cap, license areas. Then used a straight razor to make a relief cut right in the over hang spot on the front bumper. Took alot of the stress off that specifc bend. Probably paid more than I had to, but still cheap enough that I can swap the bumpers later on.
How much does it cost to paint on the stripes? Wouldn't the paint last as long as the rest of the paint job? I know painted-on pinstripes used to be more than tape because not everyone could do it but wouldn't it be better to paint on your racing stripes so they "blend" better? Or is the vinyl beveled enough that you won't hit it with a buffer or build up wax at the edge?
Top quality vinyl and a good computer based design shop are only 500-600. The average price I've seen on painted stripes is 1200-1800. So yeah, you can vinyl stripe your car 2-3 times over for the cost of the painted product.

I went with vinyl because I wanted the ability to remove them, AND I'm not going to have second thoughts about tossing out parts I paid a chunk of change to have striped. (old parts can still be resold as stock base color). Hood, bumpers and spoiler are all eventually going to go and need restriping.

The material edge is not visible unless you really get down and look for it. Haven't had wax buildup problems yet, and I pulled the front bumper after about 5 months, removing the stripes(had them redone, stupid rock). Probably would have done paint if I had any intentions of showing the car, but I don't.
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