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Vista Blue with rear blackout and GT Takeoff

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A good cleaning and coorporative weather today allowed me to take some shots of the stang with the new rear blackout and the GT takeoff exhaust that I intatlled this last weekend. What do you all think, you like it with the blackout or without?


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stangscuba98a said:
See my post for the new rear blackout. I think you will like it better.
click here
Shinoda has a rear spoiler like the 70(i think. This is my first Ford)) that fits the new mustang.
so i'm confused a bit...

what did you do? take the GT Exhaust and only put the one side of that on your V6?

Any idea if this sounds better than the Borla V6 or not? Do you have an audio clip or anything?
i would love to see a brown 05-06 mustang with tan intereior and tan top, that would look so nice. it would have to be vert though.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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