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Void Warranty with a Tune when only getting fuel tank fixed?

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If you take your car in to ge the strut barrings replaced and the fuel tank replaced, under warranty, is your warranty void if you have modified your car such as CAI, SCT Tune and headers etc... ?

I would think since what I'm having replaced under warranty, which doesn't have anything to do with the engine, that it wouldn't void the warranty, anyone know though for sure? Am I right on this?
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Okay so that makes sense I guess. If i went and got my struts replaced to fix that popping noise and fuel tank fixed, they would be able to do that, because my mods, (only a throttle body spacer, cai and a tune so far) couldn't have made the struts or fuel tank like it is.

Another question, is it a must to get those struts replaced??? Or are people just replacing them cause the popping noise is annoying???

I'm asking cause, I'm going to get them replaced, just not right now, lol. But I dont' want to be hurt anything by not replacing them just yet.
sounds good! :thumbsup
fishingjts said:
heck my dealership fixed my Throttle Position Senor (see TSB 05-15-4) even though my Zex nitrous kit was completely installed in plain view and the Zex wire was still spliced into the TPS wire! LOL!
nice!! :eyepoppin
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