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Vorech V2 SQ install 1991 Mustang GT Issue

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Hello, I am new to the board and also to posting, but I have just installed a V2 Sq in my GT.
I just got the SC installed.. And I have done something pretty stupid.. ( Just so you know, I know what I did was stupid).. I have not yet turned back the timing to the standard 8-10degrees yet.. Like I said I just wanted to test it to check for leaks..and problems.. I havent even put the pusher T-rex pump in yet either ( dumb) I got on it a little bit.. and it seems that my car was Faster without the SC.. I got some detonation, and got off the gas.. I drove it about a mile or two back to my home. Noticed a decent amount of smoke apparently I was pissing some oil from the T-fitting by the oil pressure sender unit ( the vortech oil high pressure side) . but when I got back to the house, it seems that the engine was SUPER hot. Temp gauge showed.. on the lower side of the temp range.. but the engine was hot as hell. Basically I guess what I am getting at is would detonation cause the engine to get really hot.. ( like i said I wasnt really on it too hard.. ) but I will not be driving it until i get the timing set and the pusher pump installed.
Just some car info.. 77mm Pro M mass air. ( which I had to ditch to put this SC on wouldnt fit.. :( ) 65mm Ford motor sport TB, Auto specialties underive pulleys, B-303 cam , Ford Motorsport shortie ceramic coated headers , 2 chamber flo's 2 1/2 MAC cat back tubes. 14 degress of timing. 327 gears. and now vortech V2 SQ H.O SC.
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Thanks Tominator,
Yeah I am pretty sure I didnt blow a headgasket, it would be blowin some white smoke right? I think most of the smoke was oil that was burning off.. Oh and I forgot to mention one of the pulg wires wasnt even on. ( friend helping ) odd thing is that it still ran smooth. ( well as smooth as a b303 cam runs. I wanted to read the plugs after I had posted. They were new and only had a light color a little more whitish than brownish. ( showing lean) but not too bad. Oh and the injectors are stock! ( gasp!) But My understanding that this kit is made to use those injectors and be ( ok ). I do understand that I have to get a much lager injector to build more HP and keep things safe.
The temp gage was working fine before the install, and it isnt like I had to disconnect it to do the SC. ?
So i guess that the High timing and lack of having the Trex installed , also not having the ALL 8 of the wires on *sad* would cause my weak power, and apparent overheating. Hopefully I didnt damage anything.
once i get up the Do ray me.. i will pick up some new injectors, but I have dropped my wad on getting the SC . Got it at a great price new from Jegs for 2,549 which they had price matched from annother site!
Once again thanks for the reply.
HAHAHHA! Yeah I couldnt wait to take it out.. My bad.. But I have been working on it for like three weekends since i got the package! missing parts from the kit.. My 77mm Pro -m wouldnt fit and not having the correct NPT tap etc.. So I had to go take a burn. So I got all the oil leaks fixed.. took it out again.. still felt slow as a turd. I had knocked back the timing so it wasnt pinging.. :bigthumbsup ( well not that I heard at all). Noticed that the belt was slipping.. took it home.. and AGAIN a plug wire was off.. I must be a moron because it is the second time diffrent plug.. UHG... cylinder back up and running.. tightened up the belt.. and also connected the vortech (BTM) dialed in little less than 1 degree of boost and WOAH.. it was a Raped ape.. :hihi: The 275 Nitto drag radials didnt have a chance first through second and hard bang into 3rd..
Very happy.. ! but the belt is slipping and so is the power again. I have the 8 rib pulley and belt.. Not sure how much boost I am getting I havent hooked up the boost gauge yet. I am a 36 year old kid running around with no interior burning up the streets of NJ.. LOL..
I wonder how much power I am putting down now.. I ran a 14.1 stock.. ( well i had a hurst shifter and glasspacks ) back in I think 92. For years I was a Mustang Nut.. Then I fell out of the sceen finaces holding me back, and then the car being under 6 feet of water from hurrican Floyd! I have finally decided to dive head first back into this project! thank you for your responses.. Very helpful.
I will soon be doing TFS heads, ( ported stockers not cutting it ) not to mention the stock plenum. so a Street heat upper and lower and maybe even a little go juice . ( and also bigger injectors!) I wanna see how much power I can get out of the stock block before it goes boom! Not that I want that to happen. since it only has 55,000 miles on it.
once again thanks for listening and the help.
Well an update to the saga,
I wasnt running lean, as confimred by the plugs. BUT it wasnt exactly a head gasket either.. The car runs fine until i get into some hard runs, then after parking it seems that it overheated and boiling into the overflow.. The pressure is getting past the gasket, but not blowing out the fire ring, and putting engine pressure into the cooling system. SO.. I have to tear it all down.. check the deck of the block and while I am there.. upgrade the heads intake and injectors...Not what I was planning on doing this summer..
but thanks all for the help, Just wanted to let you know what actually happend..

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