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I'm currently deployed in the middle east onboard the USS George H W Bush and with all the money I'm saving I've been thinking my mustang might just need a supercharger when I get home. :bigthumbsup

Vortech 4FA218-010L - Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger Kits - Overview -
I've been looking at this kit for a few reasons. Seems to be good price and very upgradable.

One question is will I have clearance issues with the MM strut tower brace I have installed and the discharge tube? Also I'm currently running 24lb injectors, will these be fine at 6psi or should I look at upgrading them? I'm already thinking about installing a 255lph fuel pump at the same time.

And of course judging by what is already done to the car anyone have a guess at what I could expect at the rear tires?
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