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Description: The V-2 SQ S-Trim supercharger will increase horsepower from 260 to 364 and torque from 302 lb./ft. to 364 lb./ft. at 7-9 psig at the flywheel.

All components needed to bolt the system to a stock vehicle, such as cast aluminum mounting brackets, fuel system upgrades including high-flow fuel pump and replacement injectors, supercharger oil feed and drain, compressor bypass valve and all required fasteners are included. The installation allows retention of all factory accessories including A/C and power steering. This system is available in satin or polished finish and is 50-state smog legal under CARB EO #D-213-20. The V-2 supercharger is covered by a three-year limited warranty.

*Please Note: At this time, this system has only been verified to work with Computer Code XSH1. Please CallL VORTECH for additional programming availability.

Part # 4FL218-130SQ 2003 Mustang GT (satin) Suggested Retail Price: $3,889.95
Part # 4FL218-138SQ 2003 Mustang GT (polished) Suggested Retail Price: $4,098.95

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