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hello guys new guy from NY
i'm new to mustangs so this is my build and i have issue so i need help
04 2v
built 4.6 over 0.20 18cc
trickflow 38cc
stage 3 supercharger cams
eddy intake
vortech si aftercooled
3.33 upper
10% lower
tial Q 50mm 11psi spring ( i should put the 2 psi spring i know )
8rib kit
i think i should see 12 to 14 psi !?
now it reads 8 psi .. and 1 vacuum at idle and cruising
i think there is and issue ! am i right ?

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"10% lower"... Does this mean you are running an underdrive crank pulley? If so that's hurting boost production.

And you have a 3.33 pulley on the unit, might want something a little smaller than that. Just based on what I'm used to seeing from others I wanna say 12-14 lbs is usually achieved on like a 2.9x or 2.7x pulley. The 3.33 is more like 8-10 lbs.

Be sure that whatever changes you make are backed up with a fresh dyno tune before you get on it to "test" anything out.
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