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Vortech Bypass Valve?????

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Ok, when I bought my car the bypass valve was setup to like a blowoff valve, when I swapped out some parts for dyno tuning I thought it would probally be a good time to set it back up as a bypass, well it really didnt run well when I let off the gas, surged pretty bad.

So I put it back as a blowoff, now the problem is that there is a short delay when giving it throttle, and if you just lightly touch the gas you can tell that the blowoff isnt closing yet, if you get in the gas its fine, and if you are letting the motor slow you down and just bearly touch the gas you can tell there is a problem.

At idle my boost gauge says its holding 20in vaccum, my stock bypass will open at 5in, and if I just bearly touch the gas a little my boost gauge says its holding around 10in, so my stock bypass is probally still open right??????? causing more fuel and not enough air to the motor.

I have a aftermarket bypass that doesnt open until 20in vaccum, I havent had time to try it yet but I think that may help.

Anybody had these problems..................
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mine does get a tiny bit of compressor surge in the upper rpms but i'm planning on getting a larger low off to handle that. about the aftermarket one you have that opens at 20 in of vacuum, you might see more compressor surge with that one because it will open only at higher amounts of vacuum.

you can test the one on there now by simply unplugging the vacuum line from it and try sucking on it while looking at the bypass valve. sounds stupid but you can at least tell if it is opening properly.

I used a vac pump on it to test how much it takes to open, bosch takes 5in and aftermarket takes about 20in, I think the aftermarket will work better cuz my car pulls around 21 to 22in of vac when you let off the gas, and at idle.

I didnt have any trouble with compressor surge with the aftermarket bypass until I hooked it up as a bypass and not as a blowoff, it seems to work better as a blowoff. But I still get a small bit of hesitation waiting on the valve to close when slightly touching the gas, if you are slightly touching the gas you are still under vac, aleast thats what my boost gauge tells me.
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