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wanna get some tips for my 1985 Mustang lx

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i just got an 85 lx hatchback with a 5.0 efi h.o automatic wanted to get some opinions on wut performance up grades i should focus on first and if this car has potential thanks :headscratch:
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any mustang 5.0 has potential bud...first go w/ gears 4.10 since you have a auto...then throttle body, cold-air kit, recalibrated mass-air, then do the upper and lower intake change for starters!
yeah figured somethign with gearing lower rpm rang it has allitle pull but upper rpm just motor rev almost as if gear sliping

u happen to know any good sites to purchase parts for my year of stang thanks
Not going to be able to do much with that EFI (CFI) system. And being in California, you're going to be limited to what you can change.

charliesolhan said:
throttle body, ... recalibrated mass-air, then do the upper and lower intake change for starters!
His car is throttle body injection, has no mass-air meter, and has only one (2V) intake manifold (not a two-piece upper/lower).
Belive it or not you can do alot to a 5.0 and still be legal in California. Thats one of the reasons I got a Mustang. I was sick and tired of looking for illegal smogs. Every year I had to go to a "test only" center. In CA guys charge $200.00 and up (easily) for an illegal test only. Not to mention being worried about getting "popped" for it.

You can have aftermarket heads,intake,t/b,headers, and more and still get it to pass smog.
Do you all realize what type of EFI system we're dealing with in this thread, and its severe limitations?

It is NOTHING like the ('86-'95) SEFI system.
Sorry I guess I kinda missed the fact it was an 1985.
All hope is not lost thow.
Do a full exhaust and some gears. Then if you want I would go carbed.
Depending on the build date, it may already have dual mufflers and tailpipes. (All '85s had single exhaust before the muffler(s).) If the exhaust is converted to "true duals", the EFI system will be lean. Good luck trying to get the CFI system to work with that. Then you still have to pass Cali emissions.

And good luck getting a carburetor conversion past a C.A.R.B. referee.
its has dual tail pipes i havent looked under the car and fox if u had to work with this setup wut route would u go with it
just something else to consider.....

we all know that 5.0 can produce good horsepower with bolt on's

the trouble with all fox body cars is getting them to hook up

in saying that.... i would install sub frame connectors, a good set of upper and lower control arms and gears, then go from there...

after that car will be able to handle the performance mods to their optimum potential.....
id be happy right now if i had a hook up prob the prob right now is not enough power to lose traction lol yeah in the future i plan on gtting the frame stiffed up and supspension worked on but right now trying to get info on this weak e.f.i cfi setp thanks alot for that info my buddy had a early 90 gt and couldnt hook it up cuz had mods to motor and none to frame suspenson thanks for the info:)
What you could do is go with emission legal heads, cam, shorty headers, and so on just like the 86 and up cars, you're just limited by the intake choices you have.
The Edelbrock Performer 302 2V intake with EGR plate is 50 state legal, and that would accept the throttle body injection you have.
is the injection my setup has gonne restrict any mods i do and is the a way i can convert it to the more common efi setups thanks in advance :shiny:
Any "conversion" you do is going to have to be legal with C.A.R.B.
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