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I am probably the biggest wannabe out there. Not many weekends go by that I do not drive by the Ford dealer to "look at all the pretty horses." However, a stroke of good luck is starting to happen. My wife "promised" me that I could eventually get one. Here are the specs I think I want, if anyone has any suggestions, please add them.

2006 or 2007 GT Premium Convertible, 5 speed Auto
Exterior - Tungsten Grey
Roof Color - Parchment
Seats - Medium Parchment
Radio - Shaker 1000
17" Premium Painted Alum Rims
Convertible Soft Boot.
Wheel Locking Kit
Anti Theft Perimeter.

I am not exactly sure of the Convertible Boot Cover, will it match the Parchment roof?

This is an odd color combo, but I think it will look sharp, what do you think?

I am replacing a 1995 Thunderbird LS (V8) with over 160,000 miles on it. I am extremely good to my cars, and have had this car since it was a year old. I do all my own maintenance, is the Mustang V8 pretty easy to get a wrench on, so to speak?

After 7 years of school and 10 years driving the same car I think it is time to start thinking about treating myself to a beauty. I will hopefully be ordering this car in early 2007. Are there any changes on the horizon (Besides the Shelby). Is the 2009 model going to change dramatically, I know it is early to know.

THanks for all of your help. I have truly enjoyed your site!

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Change the wheels to 18" bullits or fans :eyepoppin
My humble opinion thinks there will be no difference for the 07's due to Ford's money woes.
wmutkelaw said:
which rims are the Bullits? Are they the standard rims? The brushed ones?

64W's 18" bright polished aluminum.
The fans are the 18" 64E's polished aluminum.
Here are some pictures:
Here is a pic of the fans:
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wmutkelaw said:
I know about the individual taste and all. I have seen the color combo I like only one time, and it stuck out to me as extremely sharp.

But, I just wanted some opinions, not that they ultimately matter, but I just wanted to know if there was a huge objection to tan over grey.

Is this color combo to feminized? :rolleyes:
Heck no, grey goes both ways :laughlitt
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stlwagon said:
Gas tank fill problem and popping struts should no longer be an issue and certainly not on the 2007s. Shakers look like they may continue to be a problem, but I've been lucky so far (knock wood). CDC classic chin spoiler is a nice addition (and about a 5 minute install). Mutiple exhaust options out there--headers, catted-x, ,cat-back, axle-back--there's a lot you can do. And don't forget a CAI and tune!
Some (not all) stations still give us 06 ers some grief filling up.
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Here is a little more information (just found it) on the 07 models:

Also for 2007, a GT/CS (California Special) will be available with a GT/CS tape stripe, hood scoop, side scoops, and a unique front fascia. Inside, the GT/CS will have heated two-tone black and grey leather and suede seats and the rearview mirror will have an integrated compass. An intake cover will dress up the engine bay. The GT/CS will be available nationwide as either a coupe or convertible.
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