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Wannabe Stang Owner

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I am probably the biggest wannabe out there. Not many weekends go by that I do not drive by the Ford dealer to "look at all the pretty horses." However, a stroke of good luck is starting to happen. My wife "promised" me that I could eventually get one. Here are the specs I think I want, if anyone has any suggestions, please add them.

2006 or 2007 GT Premium Convertible, 5 speed Auto
Exterior - Tungsten Grey
Roof Color - Parchment
Seats - Medium Parchment
Radio - Shaker 1000
17" Premium Painted Alum Rims
Convertible Soft Boot.
Wheel Locking Kit
Anti Theft Perimeter.

I am not exactly sure of the Convertible Boot Cover, will it match the Parchment roof?

This is an odd color combo, but I think it will look sharp, what do you think?

I am replacing a 1995 Thunderbird LS (V8) with over 160,000 miles on it. I am extremely good to my cars, and have had this car since it was a year old. I do all my own maintenance, is the Mustang V8 pretty easy to get a wrench on, so to speak?

After 7 years of school and 10 years driving the same car I think it is time to start thinking about treating myself to a beauty. I will hopefully be ordering this car in early 2007. Are there any changes on the horizon (Besides the Shelby). Is the 2009 model going to change dramatically, I know it is early to know.

THanks for all of your help. I have truly enjoyed your site!

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Best of luck to both of you... As for what you want in the car, it's a personal choice. You don't need our approval or validation. Just go with what you want and you'll be fine. We'll like it regardless (that is unless you install blue LEDs, a fart can muffler, or a giant silver wing!)

Some aspects of the new Mustang are very easy to work on (exhaust, intake, body). Still others (i.e. ignition, fuel delivery) require above average skill.

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StangMe said:
Thanks for the comments. The main things I am hoping for is updates to some of the problems I have heard on some of the forums (Gas fill problems and Shaker system problems). That would make me happy. Are the fan blades polished aluminum or chrome?
I do want to change the exhaust. Been reading a lot from the forum on that and still undecided. I also want to add the classic chin spoiler.

Can't wait!!!!
Gas tank fill problem and popping struts should no longer be an issue and certainly not on the 2007s. Shakers look like they may continue to be a problem, but I've been lucky so far (knock wood). CDC classic chin spoiler is a nice addition (and about a 5 minute install). Mutiple exhaust options out there--headers, catted-x, ,cat-back, axle-back--there's a lot you can do. And don't forget a CAI and tune!
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StangMe said:
Nevermind I think I know the difference between cat-back and axle-back now. Cat-back is catalytic converter back and Axle-back is from the axle back, right?

You are correct sir!
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