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want to put in 42# injectors and have lotz of ?'s

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i have a 98 gt with pi heads and intake want to put a supercharger on it but do things slowly, do i have to flash my comp and is it ok to go with 42# before i put the supercharger on it:confused:
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i dont think so...
'99-04 GT Supercharger-less Kit Using a '03/04 Cobra Blower
i want to do the injectors and install them befor i buy the intake and the supercharger and in stall it... lol because of money issues lol
wow that a very cool kit :bigthumbsup
not sure if you can put those 42's in yet...
your gonna have to put at least a 90mm maf in if you are going with 42lb and have it programmed also a bigger fuel pump probably at least a 155lph and a fuel rail mounted regulator then you can get by until you put the supercharger in and then you will probably still run a little rich but it will be bad if you just put the injectors in by there self hope this helps
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ty very much does help a lot :D
Go ahead and get the injectors and leave them in a box sealed up until the supercharger goes on. If you install them now, you'll need a tune. Then you'll need a tune again once the blower goes on. The injectors alone won't give you any power so there's absolutely no point in paying for 2 tunes.
man..that kit makes me wont one lol. i bet you could ebay the rest of that for pretty cheap
That seems like an expensive intake and I/C setup to me. When I bought my twinscrew Saleen kit, everything including the tune was $3550.

After you buy that intake:
You may have to upgrade the pulleys and dampener to an 8 rib setup

Then purchase the following:
fuel pump upgrade
Cobra blower
larger fuel injectors
all plumbing for the intercooler
Throttlebody and matching inlet hoses
Front mount heat exchanger and brackets
intercooler reservoir and mounting hardware

In the end, you will spend about the same for what a turnkey kit would cost you.

IMO, I would rather go with a kit that will have some sort of warranty. The only part you will have with a warranty is the intercooler and intake.

Also the Cobra owner's are swapping out their roots style blowers for a reason, so if you do decide to go this route, buy an updated bolt in twin screw for the Cobra if you can find one cheap. Otherwise just buy a complete used Saleen Series IV or Kenne Bell 1.7 or larger kit.

Trust me, it is frustrating to build a kit piece by piece especially if it is for your daily driver.

What ever you do decide, post some pictures. :bigthumbsup
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