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Want to switch my 66 mustang coupe to 5 lug the easiest and cheapest way. HELP PLEASE

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I bought a 66 mustang coupe and need to switch from 4 lug to 5 the easiest and cheapest way. If possible. Its a original 6 cylinder but I have a 351W to go in it. Also need help with that. Is that possible and if so what kind of adjustments need to be made. Thanks for the help. Allen
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Welcome Allen to the site. I am sure that someone will have an answer for you. You have come to the right place.
Hiya, welcome to the site. You'd switch the brake rotors and/or drums over to 5 lug versions up front, and then axles would have to be changed in back.
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You need v8 spindles v8 hubs brakes front springs the rear you need a 8 inch rear end your looking about 3 grand to do this.Eagle no one makes 5 lug axles for the 7.5 besides its a weak rear end a v8 would snap it.
For the rear end I would try a junk yard and get a truck 9" or 8" rear end. They are common and usually cheap (I get 9" truck rears for about $100). That would require a lot of fabrication (cutting the tubes to length, salvaging the spring mounts from your old axle, welding experience required). But if you are like me I would rather save a lot of cash and have fun with my welder while I'm at it.

The 351W is a awesome motor and it would surely blow up the stock 6cyl rear in your car. I made the mistake of building a 351W based 550HP 408ci stroker and putting it through a stock trans and rear.
The ford granada has a 9 inch that bolts right in a 64-66 also can use the spindles and brakes but you'll need baer tracker tie rod ends to kill the bump steer.
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